Career Updates

Working on Post-Production: Feature Film The Waterfall

Make some noise. Literally. 

For those of you who've been kind enough to follow up with me about The Waterfallhere's the 411: We're still working happily and diligently. Even while I'm in New York. Das (as we lovingly refer to Director Airelle Adam) stopped by the city a couple of days ago, and, aside from trying Ethiopian food and drinking a Manhattan for the first time in my life amidst tales of work and adventure over the past few months, we overviewed some finished and half-finished scenes from the movie and recorded sound for those that needed it. 

It was strangely nostalgic to see almost a year's worth of work flash before my eyes. We're not even finished, and here I am, reminiscing. 

Here's to that day that peeks its head over the horizon of production dates... that day you'll grab some popcorn, lean back, and reminisce with me. 

Filming: Webseries "Tenderloin Towers"

Today, I roamed around New York City with the following feeling: Excitement. Man, am I happy to announce that I've been cast in "Tenderloin Towers," a SAG-AFTRA interactive web series with a killer team that had me google-eyeing my way through every scene captured on our preliminary shoot. It's renewing, to be surrounded by the perfect ratio of talent to hard work. 

What's more, I've been offering myself as a reader for auditions of remaining roles, and let me just say: Actors, help out your directors/writers/producers with this (and with anything else you can feasibly offer) whenever you can, and I promise you'll reap the educational benefits in a surprisingly immediate manner. 
And you'll have some fun.

As always, friends, more to come. 

Play: Cherish Every Precious Moment

When I told my dad that I'd been cast in my first play in New York City since moving in, his first response was: "What an appropriate title for the time in your life you're in." Father, too, knows best. 

Cherish Every Precious Momenta play about the intricacies of the drug business and how it affects families and communities, went up on the 16th of May at The Producer's Club Theater as part of the New York Inspirational Theatre Festival, and it left me with a solid group of hardworking, good friends.