Career Updates

Working on Post-Production: Feature Film The Waterfall

Make some noise. Literally. 

For those of you who've been kind enough to follow up with me about The Waterfallhere's the 411: We're still working happily and diligently. Even while I'm in New York. Das (as we lovingly refer to Director Airelle Adam) stopped by the city a couple of days ago, and, aside from trying Ethiopian food and drinking a Manhattan for the first time in my life amidst tales of work and adventure over the past few months, we overviewed some finished and half-finished scenes from the movie and recorded sound for those that needed it. 

It was strangely nostalgic to see almost a year's worth of work flash before my eyes. We're not even finished, and here I am, reminiscing. 

Here's to that day that peeks its head over the horizon of production dates... that day you'll grab some popcorn, lean back, and reminisce with me.