Career Updates

Class: Rhonda Musak's Art & Soul Acting

During the month of November, I attended four of Rhonda Musak's Art & Soul Acting sessions. Here's my testimonial:

Group coaching with Rhonda took me back to a much-needed strong, clear, and lucrative relationship with myself. I walked into her classroom with a conundrum: How could I assimilate a traumatic performance experience I had had years ago in order to finally approach the playground of the stage without being a prisoner of my own self-consciousness? At first, Rhonda's techniques seemed far-fetched, but they came with an alluring, tender asterisk: "Commit to this, and you'll see." Before I knew it, I was doing things I never thought I had in me, and a quiet confidence began to preside over the performance anxiety that had been beating once before. The focus that she instilled in me during my hours in class slowly started to leak into my own life and performances outside of it, reshaping the infrastructure of my mind into one of "can," into one of "yes," into one of "I'm here. Let's play." If you find yourself pushing against a brick wall on your acting journey, let her take you by the hand and show you the first cracks in. The rest, you'll be surprised to know, you'll do yourself.