Career Updates

Cast: Telemundo PR's "Incógnita"

Book? Check. Clothes? Check. Bags? Checked. 
Gratitude? Don't even get me started. (Except do. Please do. Always do.) 
Every sight is a film scene from this blue chair on Gate 18 of JFK, where I wait for "the metal bird that'll tread the skies until it brings me safely home," as mami put it in a text some hours ago. And just in case spending the rear end of Father's Day with my poetic and insane family wasn't enough, I'm very happy to announce that the reason I'm traveling to Puerto Rico for two weeks is to shoot an episode of Telemundo PR's TV series "Incógnita," in which I've been cast as a featured character. 
Trailer? Check (it out). 
Just make sure you do it while you have yourself a beautiful, beautiful day with the men who've carried you through it all.