Career Updates

Scene Work with Friends

NBC is hosting an online digital contest called the NBC Showcase, and it's given me and a couple of fellow Actor Accountability Group members the chance to be actors again while navigating audition plateaus. Here are some snapshots of our rehearsal, which has been the kind that feeds you. 

Staged Reading: Plays by Middle School Authors with Premiere Stages

It's not every day that you get to bring middle schoolers' perception of the world to life. These brave souls from Terence C. Reilly School in Elizabeth, New Jersey, were instructed to write one-act plays based on the events they learned in history class, and a couple of talented folks, along with yours truly, got to perform these very intelligent, very cheeky variants of the past in a school assembly. 

Now that Premiere Stages dubs thee, thirteen-year-olds, produced playwrights, promise this happy actress that you'll never stop expressing (and consequently creating) your own version of history. For all our sakes. 

Completed Staged Reading with Premiere Stages

There are many reasons why I do theatre. One of them was captured in this Saturday's staged reading of Las Cruces by Vincent Delaney at Kean University. 

In one day, I felt that familiar, nostalgic arc of theatrical production unfold itself in its entirety. We met a play, we asked it what it was, we let it tell us, we discovered new parts of ourselves with it, we ventured into telling the story of the world through its eyes, we presented it, we discussed it, and we put it to rest. 
A painful rest.
A joyful rest.
The only rest that comes with a restlessness to do more.

Staged Reading with Premiere Stages

Art has always been my primary medium of activism, because I believe in its power. I believe in its ripples. 
Now that it's of utmost importance that we discuss gun violence, as well as how it warps the conversation about mental illness in our society, this is one approach I'm taking:
If you happen to be in New Jersey tonight at 7 pm, stop by Premiere Stages at Kean University, where I'll be playing one of the leads in a staged reading of Victor Delaney's play Las Cruces, which approaches the poignant topic from an unexpected, rarely discussed, and utterly complex perspective: that of the family of the perpetrator.

TV Premiere: "Incógnita" on Telemundo PR

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 11.11.26 AM.png

Firsts are always exciting. Today is the first time my work appears on television, the first time it is in my first language, and the first time it is grounded in the place that holds so many of my roots: Puerto Rico. 

Tune in to Telemundo PR at 10:30 pm to watch "Incógnita" and the first sprouts of a budding, grateful Caribbean actress in her own tongue. 

Gracias, amigos. Gracias, amores. Gracias, hogar donde crecí y crezco. 

Class: Rhonda Musak's Art & Soul Acting

During the month of November, I attended four of Rhonda Musak's Art & Soul Acting sessions. Here's my testimonial:

Group coaching with Rhonda took me back to a much-needed strong, clear, and lucrative relationship with myself. I walked into her classroom with a conundrum: How could I assimilate a traumatic performance experience I had had years ago in order to finally approach the playground of the stage without being a prisoner of my own self-consciousness? At first, Rhonda's techniques seemed far-fetched, but they came with an alluring, tender asterisk: "Commit to this, and you'll see." Before I knew it, I was doing things I never thought I had in me, and a quiet confidence began to preside over the performance anxiety that had been beating once before. The focus that she instilled in me during my hours in class slowly started to leak into my own life and performances outside of it, reshaping the infrastructure of my mind into one of "can," into one of "yes," into one of "I'm here. Let's play." If you find yourself pushing against a brick wall on your acting journey, let her take you by the hand and show you the first cracks in. The rest, you'll be surprised to know, you'll do yourself. 

Off-Broadway Showcases: TAPNYC's Season 33 at the June Havoc Theatre this Month

I'm currently performing the winning monologue in five off-broadway industry showcases as part of Season 33 of The Actor's Project. 

The shows are FROLIC! on Monday, Oct. 5, PANDEMONIUM! on Tuesday, Oct. 6, SHENANIGANS! on Monday, Oct. 12, HIGH JINKS! on Tuesday, Oct. 13, and WHOOP IT UP! on Monday, Oct. 19. All are at 7:20 pm at the June Havoc Theatre. 

Tickets can be purchased here

Cast: Telemundo PR's "Incógnita"

Book? Check. Clothes? Check. Bags? Checked. 
Gratitude? Don't even get me started. (Except do. Please do. Always do.) 
Every sight is a film scene from this blue chair on Gate 18 of JFK, where I wait for "the metal bird that'll tread the skies until it brings me safely home," as mami put it in a text some hours ago. And just in case spending the rear end of Father's Day with my poetic and insane family wasn't enough, I'm very happy to announce that the reason I'm traveling to Puerto Rico for two weeks is to shoot an episode of Telemundo PR's TV series "Incógnita," in which I've been cast as a featured character. 
Trailer? Check (it out). 
Just make sure you do it while you have yourself a beautiful, beautiful day with the men who've carried you through it all.

Community: Actor Accountability Group

What if there was a free (emphasis on *FREE*) support group for actors in New York City? 
Sarah and new friend actor Chris Clark came up with the idea, and tonight it became the seed of a reality. We met at Bryant Park to discuss and celebrate the birth of the Actor Accountability Group
There's so much work, there's so much help, there's so much love for you in this city, fellow artists. Join us, and we'll prove it to you.
(We're a message away, if you're interested.)

Cast: The Actor's Project NYC

You wake up. 
You go through yesterday's audition in your head. 
"Missed that line. 
Landed that one. 
That part was fun... 
I understand this one more now. 
If only I'd gotten that then... 
What happened there? 
It worked so well before
Oooh, I'll do this next time... 
Ah, what that actress did, though, was so on.
She was so good; I could try that with my---" 
Your phone interrupts your thoughts with a familiar sound. 
Your fingers know the exact click-and-scroll path to your inbox.
You read, "You've been accepted to The Actor's Project NYC." 
You smile. 
You get ready for a great four months ahead.