Tiny Epiphanies

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To Discover

So much love from so many places in so many forms in so little time.  #BlueBloods #familia 
Thanks to everyone who congratulated me for being a hooker and having cleavage 😂
As a feminist and thinker, I have to add that the reason these types of comments are funny is the fact that they're not coming from merely anyone, but - sarcastically - from those who know me, those who I'm comfortable with, and those whose eternal, underlying message has always been "Congratulations for the things you've made with your own hands, for the stepping stones in your life that prove that women, people of color, and those who did not grow up in upper class families can and should have the same opportunities as those born with unfair advantages over them, and for constantly working towards the life you have always wanted. We love to watch you grow." #boobsarejustabonus (...#andonlysometimes)

It'll be hard to forget how my family threw a building-wide, Hollywood-themed viewing party back in Puerto Rico just to see me say a couple of lines 😂 ‪#‎proudlatinofamilies‬, how I could hear neighbors who I'd barely even met cheer for my parents in the background as I spoke to my sister on the phone, how I reconnected with friends I hadn't seen since middle school as they messaged me that they were also tuned in, how I received pictures of TV screens and popcorn bags and excited faces I've known since before I learned what a face was, and how - alone in my room, tucked in with hot chocolate and my open laptop on what I thought would be a night for me to mostly analyze my work - I was everything but lonely.

Getting cast in the show was always exciting, friends, but I hadn't realized that the best part of it would be to discover the many people in my life who would adopt my joy as their own.

You've given me more than I dreamt about when I was four. 
It'll be hard to forget last night.
That's a promise I give you in return.