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The Audition Chronicles: Episode 2 - More Than It Takes

In the whirlwind of emotions that were the months following my college graduation, when I desperately sought out any kind of insight regarding how to become a working actor in New York City, I was eased by accounts of veterans of the "hashtag actor life" claiming that there comes a time in which the faces surrounding you in audition rooms become recognizable. As though the focus sharpened on the lens of chaos and erratic impulse through which most view my artistic pursuit, this point in the acting career would be allegedly marked by an office-like quality. There would be routine. There would be familiarity. There would be support. There would be a "See you next week" and a "How's that project going?" and an interminable bank of "Things are slow now, but they'll pick up again. They'll pick up again. You'll see." 

I've been an actor in New York for a little over nine months now, and, today, as I attended a voice-over audition, my peers' not-so-long-lost predictions smiled at me within the waiting room of Endeavor Studios in the form of my friend Gabriel from The Actor's Project, who approached me with incomparable grace and genuine interest in my current happenings.

And though this may seem simple to you, to me, it was the living, breathing reminder of the life and career I've so persistently struggled but managed to build in a city that ultimately gives more than it takes, as well as of the beautiful community that every day propels me towards the sky and only the sky --- never the limit.