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The Audition Chronicles: Episode 1 - With Sarah

New York, you've been kinder to me this time around. When I look at the last two months, I feel enveloped by an industry. Not held by it. Not yet, at least. But enveloped, surrounded, as though I was standing in awe in the eye of a hurricane of lights and mikes and slates and piles of resumés held down by coffee mugs without which they'd be flying around in the breeze. And in the midst of this ever-changing storm of activity, I'm cradled by something a little more solid that peeked its head shyly from behind the chaos's skirt. Let me talk to you about that something...  

I've lost count of how many auditions I've gone to since I landed on The City that Never Sleeps, but the first one was immediately upon arrival. The afternoon of April 9th found me in a hallway of Columbia University, waiting for my turn to audition for a short film I was rather excited by the prospect of booking. Most people would think that I was prepared to annihilate the competition, but I've always believed that we get so much more from helping each other, especially if we're reaching for the same thing and could use some kind shoulders to push us towards it. That day was no exception, and that was how the girl waiting next to me, the talented, diligent, and incredibly kind Sarah Albonesi, became my first new friend in the city. 

I didn't get that part, but I got her. 

And with her, a new idea, or rather the dusting off of an old, precious one: The reminder of the importance of being part of a community, and the way in which this opens a myriad of new doors. It was Sarah who exposed me to the Actor Networking Event held by Backstage, and the people and experiences I had there have, in turn, moved me further in my mission to be a part of the wonderful, intricate net of actors and artists in the Big Apple. This concept of camaraderie is one that keeps highlighting itself in every event that's taken place in my life since I came to the belly of the beast, from moving into a house of musicians with top-notch souls to being cast in the very exciting "Tenderloin Towers" to coming out of every audition room with more than stories to tell. I owe a domino effect that led me to countless opportunities to the simple decision to make one friend. Or two friends. Or three friends. And so on. Yes, I feel enveloped by an industry... but held by a community. 

If you feel stuck, dear listener, may this serve you: Show up prepared, be kind, give, and this city will reward you, even if it isn't in the way you expect.