Tiny Epiphanies

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The Windows Are Also Helping

Last night, I went from fighting the sea and sand with clothes on (and failing miserably) as we shot a scene for BlueFace Design's The Waterfall to being hosed down completely naked in the chilling night air of my eighth-floor balcony. Acting comes hand in hand with shivering adventures. Anyway... My funny blog and me find ourselves in the beginning stages of our relationship, but while we get to know each other, I want to share with you the most difficult and rewarding project I've ever been the author of from roots to leaves. I first published it on the internet on the 23rd of November of 2014: 

"In a battlefield... and I thought of you. How could I not tell you?"

Okay, friends, here it is: my solo show. Today, six months after its closing, I look back on it with wonder, amusement, tenderness, and gratitude for every soul who made it possible and who came to see it. Little did I know the morning of May 23rd, 2014, that I was about to live one of the best days of my life. 
Ever-so-slightly greener to the idiosyncrasies of the so-called "real world," the girl who wrote and performed The Windows Are Also Helping captured the feeling of being on the cusp of a new kind of adulthood and left it here for this one to share and for you to enjoy half a year later. 
This is a show about self-discovery, about the experience of being a woman, and about getting to know your parents. This is a show about learning how to love, about cheesy red dresses and ridiculous questions and the beauty of the road that leads inwards. It’s about discovering the surprising proximity between who you want to be and who you already are... but, most importantly, this is a show for you. For you, for you, for you. If everything seems to be collapsing around you and you feel yourself falling into a black hole, I hope that so much as a second from this hour-long experience feels like coming back for air. I hope you laugh. I hope you enjoy. I hope you feel things. And I hope someday you come to understand how much I love you for listening.

Credit to the incredible Andreas Nicholas for capturing it on camera.