Actor Accountability Group

Community Organization

Founded: June 2015

Position: Meeting Facilitator & Media Manager 

So you're an actor in New York City. Nice. How's that going? Expensive, huh? But fun at times? Of course, of course. What have you done lately? Not much? Oh, man, I've been there, so don't worry: I can help you out. Have you read this book? Check out this organization. Contact this person... Did that work out? Amazing. No? Let's figure something else out. I know we can. Yeah, it's nice to have someone holding your hand through this acting journey, isn't it?

Well, that's what we're here for. Founded by Sarah Albonesi and Chris Clark in June of 2015, the Actor Accountability Group is a tiny but growing community of New York City actors who meet biweekly in order to keep each other on the right track of this crazy career path.

We offer love, support, a bank of acting resources, and the best kind of pressure to keep you moving in the right direction.

Our meetings are, first of all, FREE, seeing as we understand how costly actor materials can be, and casual enough to work with your schedule; though the duration is between an hour to two hours long, you are more than welcome to leave early if your duties demand it.

Meeting structure generally follows this format:
- Sharing what each of us has achieved since our last meeting
- Presenting resources to whoever needs help in a particular area
- Setting professional goals for our next meeting
...all the while, offering love, support, and respect for each other's work.